Free your mind in Klaukas
Free your mind in Klaukas


In Sigulda, between thick forests, sandstone cliffs and castles lies glamping «Klaukas». Very specific campground for very special nature lovers right next to river Gauja.


We are a family with purpose to create products which we believe in and to create places where we can free our minds. Miķelis says: «In a bee colony there are plenty of soldiers, engineers, pharmacists, nannies, bodyguards and only one queen. Very similar in our society — every person has its own place. We have found ours.»

Firstly we are a wildlife sanctuary - glamping "Klaukas"


Secondly we are a kombucha microbrewery 


Thirdly we are DOMA


We offer 8 furnitured tents with electricity. Each tent is individually designed.
We offer shared kitchen, shared toilet with hot shower, shared guest tent with wifi.

Please contact us in advance for reservations and guidance to find exact location of Glamping «Klaukas». Also fell free to ask information at Sigulda Tourism information center about us and our location.
"Smilšukrogs", Ieriki, Drabešu parish, Cēsis county, LV-4139
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Ltd “LKOM”

"Smilšukrogs", Ieriki, Drabešu parish, Cēsis county, LV-4139
Reg Nr. 40103786427
Special Place for Special People


LTD "LKOM", 40103786427
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